Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 2 with Improved Water Proofing, Dual-core S2 Chip, and Inbuilt GPS

Alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple today unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2. The second generation smartwatch from the company looks similar to the original, but it comes with some major under the hood improvements.

The Apple Watch Series 2 looks very similar to the first-generation device, but it comes with major improvements to water resistance with a resistance up to 50 meters below the surface. Apple has significantly improved upon the openings where water could find its way into the device and re-engineered them to make them more resistant.

The dual-core Apple S2 chip inside the Apple Watch Series 2 is up to 50% faster than the previous Apple Watch. It also features a new GPU that is up to 50% faster. This will allow the Apple Watch 2 to run heavier applications without any performance issues.


A second-generation display will be integrated into the new device that’s twice as bright as the first-generation Apple Watch. With its 1,000 nit display, it will be much easier to see in the daylight while you use it throughout the day.

The Apple Watch 2 also comes with a dedicated GPS chip which means that it can now track your runs more accurately without having to pair with an iPhone. The second generation Apple Watch also features a new display that can reach brightness levels of up to 1000nits.

Apple will be offering the Apple Watch Series 2 in a new material: ceramic. Ceramic is four times harder than stainless steel, and Apple will be offering the ceramic Apple Watch in pearl white color. The Cupertino company will also be offering the Watch Series 2 in Hermés edition.

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple launched the Apple Watch Nike Plus specifically meant for runners. It comes with an aluminum case with a perforated stretchy rubber band. Nike and Apple will be offering the smartwatch in four colors.

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been priced at $369, with the Apple Watch Nike Plus also being priced the same. The former goes on pre-order from September 9th and it will hit retail stores on September 16th. The Apple Watch Nike Plus will go on sale in late October.

Apple has also upgraded the processor inside the original Apple Watch to its new dual-core S2 chip. Renamed to Apple Watch Series 1, the pricing of the smartwatch starts from $269.

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