iPhone X has 3GB RAM, 2716mAh Battery

A Chinese regulatory filing of the iPhone X has confirmed the handset comes with 3GB RAM and 2716mAh battery. In comparison, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have 1,960mAh and 2,900mAh batteries, respectively, while the recently released iPhone 8 probably comes with a 1,821mAh capacity battery and iPhone 8 Plus packs in a 2,675mAh cell, according to the TENAA listings for the devices that Hemmerstoffer recently uncovered.

In other words, iPhone X has a bigger battery than the cell in iPhone 8, one of the longest-lasting iPhones on the market. Interestingly, the filing lists a rose gold version of Apple’s flagship phone even though iPhone X comes in just two colors.

Despite the iPhone X coming with a bigger battery than the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple says the handset only offers about 2 hours of additional battery life over the smaller iPhone 8.

The filings also suggest iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM while iPhone 8 Plus ships with 3GB of RAM.

The lower battery life estimates can likely be attributed to the iPhone X coming with a bigger 5.8-inch OLED display and more power hungry features like Face ID which make use of TrueDepth camera system. The iPhone X also features a more power hungry dual-camera setup at its rear which features OIS for both sensors.

While OLED displays tend to consume less power than LCD displays, the one on of the iPhone X will likely consume more power since iOS 11’s UI is predominantly white and due to its higher resolution.

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