Cydia’s ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti repositories shut down

In a tear-jerking turn of events for the jailbreak community, both the ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti repositories have formally announced that they’ve closed their doors to new package submissions.

Both repositories have been “archived,” which means existing packages from each repository remain available to download from Cydia. On the other hand, developers who depended on ModMyi or ZodTTD/MacCiti to host their packages will need to choose a different Cydia repository for doing so going forward.

“You will still be able to access all your packages which you have previously purchased or downloaded and even those which you haven’t,” explained ModMyi editor in chief Dennis Bednarz in a public statement. “The repository has been frozen in time, which means that everything will work the way it used to with the exception that uploading new packages will not be possible anymore.”

While this isn’t thrilling news for the jailbreak community, these changes irrefutably underscore a sign of the times. Hackers aren’t releasing iOS jailbreak tools as frequently as they once did, and consequently, fewer people jailbreak their devices today as opposed to many years ago.

Aligning with the withered user base, Cydia repositories don’t produce as much revenue as they once did, making it tougher for them to maintain themselves given the costs of doing so. Unfortunately, when the pot boils over, this happens.

On a more positive note for both jailbreakers and jailbreak tweak developers alike, Cydia’s BigBoss repository continues to accept and host both new and old packages. Optimo, one of the BigBoss repository’s primary maintainers, apprised the community about the matter on Twitter:

As it would seem, there are no plans for the BigBoss repository to close its doors anytime soon. While ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti opted to shut down slightly earlier, BigBoss will continue chugging along until it’s no longer financially possible to do so.

Are you sad to see some of Cydia’s default repositories go? Let us know about your thoughts regarding the current jailbreak situation in the comments section below.

Source: IDB

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