WhatsApp Now Lets Users Delete Messages After More Than 1 Hour

Last year WhatsApp messenger added the ability to delete sent messages, which also disappear from receiver’s phone. However the feature was quite limited, as it only allowed users to delete a message within 7 minutes of sending it.

Now it seems like WhatsApp is finally making the feature more powerful by enabling users to delete a sent message in up to 1 hour of sending it. In fact you will have 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds to delete your message.

The time extension will make the feature more useful for users, as they will not only be able to delete messages they regret sending or those that had an error, but they will also be able to delete a message that they only intend to show for a limited amount of time. This could be sensitive information such as bank details, authorization code etc.

The feature is part of WhatsApp’s latest beta and could be making its way to the official WhatsApp soon. It is currently limited to 7 minutes on iPhones. To delete a sent message you have to tap and hold on the message bubble and then tap on the Delete button from the menu. You can download WhatsApp from the App Store for free.

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