Instagram Rolls Out Blur Effect Feature ‘Focus’ To In-App Camera

Instagram has added a new feature to its camera section called Focus, which is essentially the Camera app-like Portrait mode built right into the image sharing network’s app. This new camera mode will make it possible for Instagram users to take photos with blurred backgrounds right within the app. They can then share the depth of field photo on their Story, save it to their camera roll or share with selective users.

You can find the new Focus feature by opening the camera with a right swipe. Once you are on the Camera page scroll through the bottom bar to select the new mode. It is offered in addition to other modes including Normal, Superzoom, Rewind and more.

What makes the addition of this new feature to Instagram even better is that it adds the blurred background effect to iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or later. This essentially means users that have devices that don’t offer Portrait mode will now be able to take depth of field photos with their device’s cameras. Apple limits its Camera app’s Portrait mode to iPhone 7 Plus or later, not even offering the feature on iPhone 8. The Focus mode is available for both front and back cameras.

In addition to Focus, Instagram has also added the new mention feature to stories, that allows users to use the @ mention sticker to call out other users in their stories.

Focus mode has rolled out for all iPhone users and you can use it by opening the Instagram app right now.

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