Fortnite for iOS Now Earned $100M in First 90 Days

Fortnite continues its impressive run on iOS as it has managed to surpass $100 million in user spending in three months since being available on the App Store. The $100 million mark comes after the game had surpassed $50 million in revenue in just 45 days.

The numbers are definitely impressive especially when you consider the fact that Fortnite was initially only available as invite-only on the App Store. The game’s impressive growth has allowed it to surpass many of the multiplayer mobile titles released in the last two years in terms of user spending. As data by Sensor Tower shows, Fortnite for iOS has earned 3x more than Tencent’s Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) in its first 3 months on the App Store. This is despite the latter being available on the Chinese App Store right from day one, while Fortnite is still missing from the region’s App Store.

It took Fortnite’s mobile players 90 days to spend $100 million in the game. We looked at how this compared to its rivals above. Among them, Clash Royale managed the fastest time from launch to the $100 million milestone on iOS, accomplishing the feat in just 51 days. Fortnite, however, reached this point nearly three months faster than Knives Out and Honor of Kings, at 173 and 179 days, respectively.

While Fortnite’s numbers are impressive, the game could not surpass the total revenue generated by Clash Royale ($154 million) in its first 90 days on the App Store. In fact, Clash Royale reached the $100 million mark in terms of user spending in just 51 days of its launch. However, the latter had a very successful launch on the mobile platform after Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

The report also highlights that Fortnite’s popular alternative, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is not so popular after all. The game has so far generated only $5.2 million in user spending on iOS, with Tencent still working out how it should monetize its user base. The company recently released took an approach similar to Epic Games and released a Royale Pass for the game similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. It remains to be seen how this affects the revenue generated by the game.

Are you still playing Fortnite? If yes, how much have you spent in the game to acquire various items?

Source: Sensor Tower

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