Lost iPhone X Survives After Two Weeks At Bottom Of River

The iPhone X features an IP67 rating which makes it dust and water-resistant. This comes in handy if you accidentally drop the phone in a bucket of water or in the pool. However, as it turns out, the iPhone X’s water-resistance capabilities are so good it can withstand being submerged in a river for over two weeks!

YouTuber Dallas from Man + River channel found a silver iPhone X submerged in a river. After taking the phone out, he proceeded to open the device and let it dry for over 3 days before powering it up to ensure it was working properly. After that, he was able to track down Alyssa, the owner of the iPhone X and courier the device back to her.

The owner of the device was obviously very happy about getting her lost iPhone X back as it contained all her baby photos which were not backed up. In the video, she also reveals that she had lost her iPhone X in the river about two weeks ago.

The IP67 rating of the iPhone X means that it can withstand being submerged in 1m deep water for 30 minutes. However, the phone surely performed better than that and managed to survive even after being submerged in a river for 2 weeks. Sure, Dallas did open the phone and dried it out for over 3 days but that does not undermine the iPhone X’s water-resistance capabilities. After all, if the water-resistance seal of the handset would have been broken, the internals would have come in contact with water which would have wreaked havoc to them which clearly did not happen.

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