ControlPane : Adds an All-in-One quick access to useful settings – iOS8.3-8.4/8

ControlPane : Adds an All-in-One quick access to useful settings – iOS8.3-8.4/8


When Control Center was added to iOS it made the life of users easier by giving them quick access to useful settings. While Control Center is useful as it is many users find its functionality very limited. Many tweaks such as CCSettings try to solve this problem but they involve a lot of swiping before you can reach your desired options. The new ControlPane tweak takes a different approach towards giving you easy access to different iOS settings by adding a side panel to your device that can be accessed by an Activator gesture from anywhere.


On ControlPane you get simple on/off buttons to many settings that includes Airplane mode, auto brightness, auto-lock, Bluetooth, Cellular data, Do Not Disturb, flashlight, personal hotspot, location services, LTE, ringer, rotation lock, vibration, VPN and WiFi.

ControlPane tweak ios8.4-8.3-cydia-iapptweak

That’s not all as ControlPane also adds booting options on the top allowing you to power off, respring, reboot or put your device in safe mode. Two of these options are displayed on the panel while other two can be accessed by swiping up or down on the dim area. In addition to that you also get sliders for volume and brightness.

If you were looking for a way to merge all of your important toggles, sliders, and reboot options into one place in a native-looking interface, then a new jailbreak tweak called ControlPane by iOS developer Logan O’Connell might be just what you were looking for.

This is a new jailbreak tweak as of Thursday that uses Activator to provide you with system-wide access to up to 15 of your favorite toggles, volume and brightness sliders, and even reboot options. You can see the interface in the screenshot above.

ControlPane comes in from the side of the screen when you invoke the Activator action that you choose; you can even choose what side of the screen that ControlPane appears from. The tweak includes all of the following things in one interface:

  • Power off
  • Respring
  • Toggle airplane mode
  • Toggle automatic display brightness
  • Toggle automatic lock
  • Toggle Bluetooth
  • Toggle cellular data
  • Toggle Do Not Disturb
  • Toggle rear-facing LED flash
  • Toggle personal hotspot
  • Toggle location services
  • Toggle 4G LTE
  • Toggle the ringer
  • Toggle rotation lock
  • Toggle vibration
  • Toggle VPN
  • Toggle Wi-Fi
  • Adjust the volume level
  • Adjust the display brightness level

As you can see right off the bat, the tweak does a pretty nice job providing you with options. In fact, there’s a good chance you might even start using it more than you already use Control Center or the stock power-down menu.

Once you are done using the panel you can simply tap on the dim area to hide it. You can choose between dark and light modes as well as have it positioned on left or right side, according to your personal preference.

ControlPane tweak is available in Cydia for $0.99 under the BigBoss repo.


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