iOS 9.2 brings Arabic support to Siri

iOS 9.2 brings Arabic support to Siri


Last week, Apple seeded the first beta of the upcoming iOS 9.2 release, and It has been discovered within the beta releases of iOS 9.2 that Apple is adding Arabic support for Siri, so that the language can be spoken to the digital personal assistant, and so that Siri can speak it back in conversation. Apple’s foundation for understanding Arabic has been coming along since iOS 8, when the Cupertino-based company installed Keyboard Dictation and QuickType support for the language.


The full support for Arabic will allow local users not only to converse with Siri in Arabic but search for local places and businesses and more. This support comes after Apple has already announced future physical retail store openings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Apple released the first iOS 9.2 beta to developers on October 27, with the public beta going live for testers on October 29. Apple has not yet said when iOS 9.2 will be released, but the new update will also bring support for improved Safari support in third-party App Store applications, WiFi-based calling via Macs for AT&T users, and it will also likely bring support for the new American Express Apple Pay partnership for Canada and Australia. Since launching Siri in the fall of 2011, Apple has slowly added new languages in both major and minor iOS updates, and iOS 9.2 will be the latest to follow that pattern.

[Source : 9to5Mac]

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