WeatherBoard 2 For iOS 9 adds weather forecast to your lockscreen, And More

WeatherBoard 2 For iOS 9 adds weather forecast to your lockscreen, And More

WeatherBoard has been an extremely popular jailbreak tweak over the last few years, purely because it exists to bring functionality to an iOS device that users genuinely seem to want. Such is the popularity of the package that it’s actually been worked on consistently and updated for every major version of Apple’s iOS since its launch, which includes iOS 7 and iOS 8. Now in an effort to further expand its reach onto more modern devices, WeatherBoard 2 has been updated to bring iOS 9 compatibility to anyone with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Are you someone who is constantly launching the Weather app to check the current temperature or weekly forecast? If yes, then WeatherBoard 2 tweak for iOS 9 can make your life much easier. With this tweak you can add the current temperature or a full feature forecast of your location to the lockscreen. This means you will get the forecast or current weather report right on the lockscreen, without even unlocking the device. While that is a great feature there’s more that WeatherBoard 2 offers.

WeatherBoard 2 For iOS 9-iapptweak


 The WeatherBoard 2 tweak also adds over 80 dynamic wallpapers that feature animated weather effects. This includes lightning, hurricane, tropical storm and more. In addition to setting tweak’s animated wallpapers you also get the ability to overlay weather animations on top of your normal wallpapers, creating a dramatic effect. The tweak can also automatically apply the animation based on your current weather conditions. So for example, if it is raining outside you will see a raining effect.

In addition to that functionality, there’s also the newly integrated support for the iOS 9 Low Power Mode that has been designed to preserve battery life when the device reaches critical power levels. WeatherBoard 2 will now honor that mode on the device and disable all of its power sapping features, such as the animations. Support has also been extended beyond the iPhone, across to Apple’s other extremely popular mobile hardware range, the iPad.

WeatherBoard 2 is the improved version of the tweak that brings full support for iOS 9 and iOS 8. The tweak also fully supports iPads. You can download WeatherBoard 2 tweak from Cydia for $2.49.


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