Best Black Friday 2016 Deals on iPhone and iPad Apps

We have some great apps for you that are discounted for a short duration in the App Store because of Black Friday. These lower priced apps include Skill Game, Alto’s Adventure and others. Some deals may expire quickly — even on the same day of this post. If there is a discounted app that you like, grab it while it is still on sale.


Free Games

  • Skill Game: $2.99 → Free: Enter a colorful world full of unique challenges. Your opponents are waiting for you to make a mistake. Show them that you are faster and better!
  • Dino Rush: $1.99 → Free:An egg has just hatched in prehistoric time and a small dinosaur has emerged… and he’s hungry!
    Help Dundy the dinosaur make his way through tropical wildneress!
  • Paper Monsters: $0.99 → Free: Dive into the world of Paper Monsters and watch a living world made out of paper, cardboard, and a few cotton balls unfold right before your eyes.
  • Train Conductor 2: USA: $2.99 → Free: Control trains barrelling through famous American locations, sky high over Miami Beach, through the underground of New York City, balancing above the Grand Canyon and more.
  • Gears: $1.99 → Free: Explore the fanciful world of Gears! A gorgeous 3D physics-based ball rolling platformer that redefines the genre, Gears immerses you into adventure with 3 beautifully detailed worlds of 27 unique and challenging levels.
  • Heads Up!: $0.99 → Free: It’s the game The New York Times called a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends!
  • Super Tank Battle: $4.99 → Free: This is the game of modern war, please boom the map, summon your alliance, and strike the Enemy! Clash It! Prepare the tank battle, prepare the tank modern war!
  • Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes: $1.99 → Free: First in the series of critically acclaimed interactive fantasy gamebooks in which you, the reader, control the direction of the story!
  • Port Defender® – 2D Field Defense: $0.99 → Free: Welcome to Port Defender, a fun area defense game that has just received its biggest update ever. Your goal is to build expansive mazes in order to stop ever expanding waves of creeps from escaping.
  • Build-a-lot 4: Power Source HD (Full): $4.99 → Free: You already know how to construct homes, malls and restaurants, right? Now it’s time to invest in green energy! Build solar towers, wind farms and even nuclear power plants to make your cities sustainable and prosperous for generations.
  • Build-a-lot 4: Power Source (Full): $2.99 → Free: You already know how to construct homes, malls and restaurants, right? Now it’s time to invest in green energy! Build solar towers, wind farms and even nuclear power plants to make your cities sustainable and prosperous for generations.
  • Jet Ball Arkanoid: $1.99 → Free: Jet Ball is a powerful Breakout / Arkanoid style game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Brick breaker genre reinvented.
  • Bounce Original: $1.99 → Free: Enjoy 10 teeth-shattering levels, collect all rings and beware of dangerous thorns. Stay in touch with your friends and beat their scores.

Free Apps

  • Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon: $1.99 → Free: Turn your photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images in one click to create instant works of art.
  • InFocus Pro – All-in-One Organizer: $4.99 → Free: Five Productivity Tools in one, for easier and improved productivity. InFocus Pro comes with indispensable tools for staying organized so you can get things done quicker and have more free time to do the things you love.
  • SPL Meter: $0.99 → Free: SPL Meter is a professional-grade sound level meter, also known as a decibel or dB meter, for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Reminders, Alarms, Timers – Beep Me: $2.99 → Free: Beep Me is the quickest, easiest, and most intuitive Reminder/ToDo app that you’ll ever need!
  • Smart Recorder Classic – The Transcriber/Voice Recorder: $6.99 → Free: Smart Recorder is a full featured recorder offering many features beyond what is available in the built in voice memos app.
  • Easy Backup Pro – Contacts Backup Assistant: $2.99 → Free: Your contacts are the most important data in your phone which may be lost in seconds. Easy Backup Pro keeps your contacts in a safe place.
  • Where To Go? PRO – Find Points of Interest using GPS.: $2.99 → Free: No matter if you need to find the closest bar, grocery store, pharmacy, taxi firm or historical point-of-interest, WhereToGo is the app you need.
  • Instant Sketch: $0.99 → Free: If you are looking for a simple iPhone app to convert your photo to a sketch, then Instant Sketch is a great choice.
  • Instaflash Pro: $4.99 → Free: Instaflash Pro gives you more photo editing control with Pro photo adjustments including: Shadows, Highlights, Light EQ, Tone EQ, Color EQ, Split Toning, Fill Light, Soft Light, Clarity, Vignette, Focus, Noise Removal, White Balance, and more.
  • Cardiograph Classic: $0.99 → Free: Cardiograph is an application which measures your heart rate. You can save your results for future reference, keep track of multiple people with individual profiles, add notes and locations, and even print out your measurements for sharing or safe keeping.
  • Cleu: $0.99 → Free: Cleu is the connected clock creating immersive experiences throughout the day.
  • Alti – Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass: $1.99 → Free: Alti is a beautiful, feature-rich, minimalist altimeter and compass application for your iPhone and iPad. It sports a clean design, includes a wide selection of background colours, and provides a distraction-free experience.
  • Screeny – Delete Screenshots Easily: $0.99 → Free: Screeny is an utility app that helps you save space consumed by screenshots. It screens your camera roll and helps you to filter and delete screenshots that are no longer necessary.
  • Smart PDF Scanner: Scan Documents and Receipts: $4.99 → Free: Just snap a photo of your document, and get a PDF file you can instantly send to your colleagues, all from your phone or iPad.
  • TEDiSUB – Enjoy TED Talks with Subtitles: $1.99 → Free: Meet world’s leading experts about TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design and share their ideas.
  • Opa! – Call Recorder with Free International Calls: $9.99 → Free: Hola!- Call Recorder is a fully featured call recording up that lets you make calls through Voice Over IP (VOIP) and record them on your iPhone.

Game Price Drops

  • Mahjong Artifacts® HD (Full): $4.99 → $1.99: Escape from the rush of modern life into immersive atmosphere of ancient civilizations!
  • Alto’s Adventure: $3.99 → $0.99: Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins.
  • ExZeus: $2.99 → $0.99:
    The primary objective codenamed ‘ExZeus’ would reclaim the Earth’s surface using 3 experimental robots. The secondary objective is to investigate the alien war-machine’s weaknesses and defeat the mysterious ‘Diadora’.
  • FINAL FANTASY V: $15.99 → $6.99: Return to the classic medieval tale of magic, monsters and friendship with FINAL FANTASY V!
  • Daddy Was A Thief: $3.99 → $1.99: Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you?
  • Dragon Hills: $1.99 → $0.99: Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to come and save them? Not this time! Take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission.
  • Doom and Destiny: $1.99 → $0.99: Four nerds, drawn into a fantasy world and mistaken for heroes, have to battle their way through a massive, crazy adventure and defeat a preposterous villian!
  • Wrestling Revolution (Pro): $3.99 → $1.99:
    Tap, pinch, and swipe your way through gaming’s biggest ever wrestling universe – featuring over 300 characters with NO further purchases! And they’re all yours to customize if you want to make the universe your own.
  • BADLAND 2: $3.99 → $1.99: Witness the award-winning world of BADLAND in even more stunning beauty with levels that extend and scroll to all directions. Survive through new elements such as liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water and volumetric burning light.
  • BADLAND: $2.99 → $0.99: Fly and survive through the Game of the Year -winning action adventure BADLAND.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions : $13.99 → $3.99: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has arrived for iPhone/iPod touch!
  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved: $9.99 → $2.99: Experience the full evolution of the award-winning Geometry Wars franchise and battle through waves of enemies on 3D grids in this frenetic arcade shooter!
  • Lifeline: Crisis Line: $2.99 → $1.99: A dead lawyer, a mysterious green-eyed woman, stolen crystals with unexplained powers… and it’s only your first day on the job!
  • Talisman: $3.99 → $1.99: Talisman: Digital Edition is a classic fantasy adventure board game, where you embark on a dangerous quest, fighting dragons, battling serpents, and avoiding the deadly curse of the Hag.
  • Door Kickers: $4.99 → $0.99: Door Kickers is the unforgiving, award winning SWAT-command quick tactics game from the PC. Includes all updates and a new campaign, as well as full cross-platform saves compatibility and an all-new interface designed specifically for touch based platforms.
  • Rubik’s® Cube: $1.99 → $0.99: Play anywhere, anytime on the most authentic digital representation of the Rubik’s® Cube available. Flick, spin, and solve the classic 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube just like you would the real cube!

App Price Drops

  • King of Math: Full Game: $2.99 → $0.99: Level up your mathematics skills and become King of Math! King of Math is a fast-paced mathematics game with lots of fun and diverse problems in different areas.
  • My Book List – Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero: $3.99 → $1.99: The ideal repository for book recommendations gathered from friends, reviews, and other sources, the app will locate the actual book cover and store it on its iBook-like shelf or as an entry on a list. The app can also access all the book titles, charts, covers, descriptions, and acquisition options in any of the iBookstores worldwide, Amazon, and the free texts at Google Books.”
  • Calendars 5 – Daily Planner and Task Manager: $6.99 → $2.99: Calendars 5 is complete re-imagining of what the best mobile calendar experience should be. Calendars 5 is smart, excels in both tasks and events and runs on any iOS device you might have.
  • PDF Converter – Convert Documents, Photos to PDF: $3.99 → $2.99: Make PDFs from any file that you have on your iPad or iPhone. Save Word, Excel, Powerpoint or iWork documents, web pages, photos and even clipboard content as professional quality PDFs.
  • Pixelmator: $4.99 → $1.99: Pixelmator is a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that lets you touch up and enhance images, sketch and paint, as well as create advanced image compositions on iPad and iPhone alike.
  • Printer Pro – Print documents, photos, emails: $6.99 → $2.99: Print attachments, documents, web pages and more right from your iPhone and iPad to any Wi-Fi or USB printer.
  • Muscle Premium – Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Bones: $19.99 → $9.99: The most comprehensive 3D musculoskeletal reference this side of a dissection lab.
  • PDF Expert – Edit, annotate and sign PDF documents: $9.99 → $4.99: PDF Expert 5 is a must-have app for anyone who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on iPad or iPhone. It allows you to mark up documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs. Moreover, PDF Expert 5 is the best choice for filling out PDF forms right on your iPad and iPhone.
  • ToonCamera: $1.99 → $0.99: Transform your world into a live cartoon. Selected by Apple for iTunes Rewind Hot Trends In Apps and as an App Store Essential.
  • Brushstroke: $4.99 → $2.99: Turn your photos into paintings with Brushstroke. Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch.
  • Localscope – Find places and people around you: $2.99 → $0.99: Localscope is a window to your world that lets you explore your surroundings like never before. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and other apps.
  • Home Design 3D: $6.99 → $2.99: With Home Design 3D, designing and remodeling your house in 3D has never been so quick and intuitive!
  • Fugue Machine | multi-playhead sequencer: $9.99 → $4.99: The world’s first multi-playhead music sequencer.
  • Animoog for iPhone: $5.99 → $2.99: Animoog is Moog Music’s first professional synthesizer for iOS devices, and was the first music app in history to hit number one in the App Store
  • Animoog: $29.99 → $14.99: Animoog, powered by the new Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), is Moog Music’s first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed exclusively for the iPad.
  • Extreme Agenda: $12.99 → $5.99: Extreme Agenda is your planner for iOS with powerful calendar, reminder, note, list, search, and contact views. Integrate and completely customize your organizer with themes, icons, and views to give you full control of your life.
  • SunVox: $5.99 → $2.99: SunVox is the most powerful music creation tool for iOS. It is a small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker).
  • Prizmo – Scanning, OCR, and Speech: $9.99 → $5.99: Prizmo is a universal photo-based scanner app that lets you scan and recognize text documents, business cards, and images, and then export them as PDF/Text, vCard, or JPEG/PNG.
  • Hydra – Amazing Photography: $4.99 → $2.99: ydra captures more light by merging up to 60 frames to make a single high-quality picture (less noise, more highlights/shadows) on iPhone and iPad.
  • Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids: $2.99 → $0.99: Piiig Labs is a digital playground for your child to explore science concepts in an old fashioned way, by putting together mini projects and learning through interaction and sometimes trial and error.
  • Call a Taxi PRO – Instantly find a taxi-cab, anytime, anywhere.: $1.99 → $0.99: In 2 clicks you’ll be talking to the closest (and therefore cheapest) taxi company to your current location.
  • OnSong: $19.99 → $14.99: Manage huge collections of chord charts and lyrics sheets for your band or worship team on your iPad or iPhone. Quickly pull and reorder set lists and flip from one song to the next with ease.
  • Screens VNC – Remote Access To Your Computer: $19.99 → $9.99: Leave your computer behind and travel light! Screens lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC and control it from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world.
  • Project Life: $2.99 → $0.99: Never before has scrapbooking been so easy, so fast, or so available in the palm of your hand! The Project Life® App takes simplicity to a whole new level.
  • Pro Weathershot by Instaweather: $1.99 → $0.99: Create inspirational & informational images to share quickly and easily. In seconds you can check weather and talk weather.
  • Cubasis 2 – Mobile Music Creation System: $49.99 → $24.99: Cubasis 2 equals ease of use and is as powerful as a fully featured iOS-based music production system can be pushing your capabilities out of limits.
  • Money by Jumsoft for ipad: $4.99 → $1.99: Money by Jumsoft presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life.
  • Money by Jumsoft: $1.99 → $0.99: Money by Jumsoft presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life.

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