BytaFont has been updated to BytaFont 3 with full support for iOS 9

BytaFont has been updated to BytaFont 3 with full support for iOS 9


One of the best ways to change the system font on iOS has always been the Bytafont app, and now you will be pleased to know that it has been updated to fully support iOS 9. BytaFont 3 is available as a separate download and not as an update to BytaFont 2.

BytaFont 3 features updated Swap Mode for iOS 9, new weights in Tweak mode including Semibold, Heavy and Black and more. The new version drops support for Cydget, so now you will have to use Tweak Mode for lockscreen customizations. In order to use Tweak Mode feature you have to download it. Just tap on the ‘Tweak Mode’ button from within the BytaFont 3 app and install the package.


Here is the full change log for BytaFont 3:

  • Swap Mode for iOS 9
  • New wights supported in Tweak Mode: Semibold, Heavy, and Black
  • Cydget support has been dropped: to customize the Lock screen you may use the Tweak Mode

BytaFont 3 is a 1.6MB download, and can be found free of charge on the BigBoss repo. Do you like to customize fonts on iOS ? If so, share your thoughts on BytaFont down in the comments.

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